Pipeline sales funnel


Utilizing Maximizer as your CRM software solution, you can effortlessly manage deals and see what you need to focus on with opportunity management software that matches your processes, quickly and painlessly. Get everything to forecast revenues, track wins and visualize progress towards quota — so you can plan ahead and ensure no deal slips through the cracks.

A Sales Pipeline Software That Gives You Full Visibility

Get a complete overview of your sales stages and your team’s progress towards their goals.

Standardize multiple sales processes

Quickly match Maximizer’s pipeline stages to your processes and drive consistency and productivity across sales. Build different pipelines for different customers, and use as many pipeline stages as you need.

Know the deal stage and history at a glance

See what stage your deal is in and the moves you need to make to close the sale. Have sales reps know everything needed to deliver increased levels of personalization before they pick up the phone.

Quickly generate & store quotes

Empower your team to beat competitors to cash with fast Excel quoting. Build standardized quote templates and populate them with company, customer and product details. Then sync quoted values with your opportunities module for decisive forecasts.

Track your sales pipeline

Achieve insight into what works and what doesn’t — and win more deals — with personalized dashboard displays of critical pipeline indicators. See the status of opportunities at each pipeline stage, along with weighted forecasts and progress to quota.

Know who you’re competing against

Outflank your competitors with superior intelligence on every opportunity. Add multiple competitors to a deal, track wins and losses, and see who you’re losing business to right away.

Close deals from anywhere

Take your sales pipeline wherever you go with a feature-rich mobile app. Manage your pipeline, review sales stages — get instant notifications on deal progress — and more, in the palm of your hand.

Marketing Automation Tools

Leverage Maximizer CRM to drive effective lead generation and improve your campaign tracking with powerful marketing automation features. Maximizer enables you to manage all your prospect interactions on a single platform. Create automated campaigns, track your results, and know your return on investment with our ROI calculator.

Email marketing

Improve Your Marketing Intelligence

Generate fresh marketing insights to optimize your lead generation.

Email Marketing

Boost conversions with a smarter email. Whether you want to send a promotion to a precisely targeted list or automate a multi-phase drip campaign — Maximizer does it all. Our CRM with email tracking allows you to monitor click-through and conversion. Effortlessly manage opt-in, opt-out and unsubscribes.

Email Templates

Elevate the professionalism of your communications and save time with branded email templates for simple announcements or campaigns. Include signatures and custom fields, and insert headers and footers to reinforce your corporate story.

Email Campaign Management

Ensure consistent execution with automated campaign management. Track customer behavior with analytics, alerts and notifications. Flag unassigned leads and opportunities, and activate automated follow-ups on emails or events.

Market Segmentation

Shrink your data mountain to a molehill with wide-ranging search criteria & filters built for sales, marketing, service and support. And you can save favorite searches for quick recall later, or export your data to Excel for reporting, quoting, record-keeping and sharing.

Get the Full Picture, from Acquisition to Retention

Dirty data is a real headache for forecasting and reports — forcing you to check entries by hand. Thankfully, Maximizer simplifies data management. Check for duplicate entries at a click and specify mandatory fields, for accurate reports every time.

Manage Your Outreach Activities

Store all your contacts, notes and key documents in one place and never waste time hunting down a record again. Perform quick searches by company affiliation while on the phone, and recall favorite searches at a click.

Support and Service CRM


Maximizer CRM will empower your Customer Service and Support Teams with everything they need to effectively track, manage and resolve issues quickly and easily — including technical support, billing and returns.Stand out from the pack with customer service that leaves your customers smiling, and your competitors envious.

Increase Customer Retention

Boost customer loyalty with efficient & timely resolution of every case.

Case management

Master your daily influx of support and service requests. Create and manage a case with instant notifications. Track trouble tickets ranked by urgency and severity — and prioritize agent workloads with queuing and routing tools.

Track all interactions

Store all your contacts, notes and key documents in one place, and never waste time hunting down a communication again. Perform quick searches by company affiliation or case number while on the phone, and recall your favorite searches at a click.

CRM Mobile App

Take your office wherever you go with a feature-rich mobile-friendly CRM. Field agents can manage calendars, prepare for meetings — get a graphical dashboard view of chosen metrics — and much more, in the palm of their hand.

Alerts & Notifications

Stay on top of important events and what your team is doing. Trigger notifications on data capture fields. Know the moment you land a big opportunity — or when a VIP service case gets escalated. Never forget a birthday, anniversary or policy expiration date.

Task Management

Enhance your team productivity and responsiveness with dynamic task management tools. Filter your task lists by priority and urgency to see what’s coming up — and easily shift low-priority tasks to a colleague or another day to balance workloads.

Track Sales Calls

Identify top performers and those in need of coaching with automatic call logging. See who your reps called, along with call date, time and length at a glance. Plus capture call details in notes that are searchable by keyword.

Business Intelligence tools

Insights helps businesses visualize data, make decisions and take action faster than any other CRM. It gives you both the big picture as well as the little details right at your fingertips so you’ll always know what to focus on. Use the unique "Click Through" feature to jump directly to the detailed CRM record. You no longer need to export data, import into spreadsheets, and manually build charts to provide excellent reporting to your team and executives.

rapid response

Improve Your Marketing Intelligence System

Generate fresh marketing insights to optimize your lead generation.

Visualize Data

Quickly and easily create reports in dashboards with point and click. Use the pre-built templates to save time.  Once configured, the user can adjust parameters on the fly to create new view of the same indicator.

Analyze Sales Data

Insight’s drill down feature allows you to go from the big picture to the smallest of details easily and seamlessly.  Start at a high level and dig into the specifics only when it is warranted.

Dynamic Sales Reporting Dashboards

CRM users are familiar with static dashboards. Maximizer’s unique dynamic dashboards allow users to toggle data on and off as needed or you may choose to hover over legends to visualize and filter the data that’s important.

Goal Tracking Software

Dashboards rapidly switch between team view and individual view so you can set goals and effectively have coaching conversations with your team.  While goal tracking is often considered an executive role, successful teams implement indicators for the sales team also.  This way the users and the managers are sharing the same goals and working toward the same objectives.

Limitless Insights

Just like your business potential, the Maximizer CRM Insights widgets and dashboards are unlimited. Copy and build as many elements as you need.

Click Through

Direct access to the full CRM records right from the dashboard charts.  While drill down lets you see the raw data that drives the indicators, the click through allows users to see the actual records within the CRM.  This links their daily activity with their goals and results.