rapid response

Getting answers promptly is essential to the success of any project.

Having the option to reach out multiple ways is an example of the flexibility we offer clients. This helps to expand the use of these systems and get the most value from the investment.

Are you getting the most from your CRM solution?  If not, who do you turn to for answers?

What you can expect from Wintec is a proactive approach to your success.  We will certainly answer your questions, but we will go further.  We make sure to lead a conversation about what you require, and continue this discussion over the years so that your needs drive how we support you.  All of our clients grow in their use of CRM over time, and we make sure to expose them to new elements of the technology progressively.  This approach to support gives clients a direct hand in their own expanded use and value.

Are you tolerating lousy support today?  Long holds, no call back?

Won’t happen here.  We take pride in getting back to all inquiries and questions promptly.  We do our best to make these responses comprehensive, so that you don’t have to prompt again.  We communicate in whatever manner the clients prefer.  Furthermore, we maintain careful notes and history on customers so we know your configuration and credentials before you even ask us to help.  Providing the kind of support we ourselves appreciate receiving is our natural way of doing business.

Feel like a number?  Not anymore!

You should consider excellent personalized support a key aspect of your CRM solution.  You have every right to demand this of our team and leverage it to grow your business.

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