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Data Evaluation

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Dynamic Dashboards

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Growth Calculations

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Limitless Insights

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Goal Tracking

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Implementation Services

We represent Maximizer, the best and most trusted CRM in the industry. Not only do we support the application for our customers, but we use the same system internally for our own business.

When on-boarding new clients, we conduct a needs analysis to ensure that the software is an ideal fit. We then provide setup services for installation, software customization and configuration of add-on software. Our goal is to get your company up and running in the fastest timeframe possible, ensuring you start gaining value from your investment within weeks.

We know that training is an essential part of the success of a new project. We provide one-on-one or group training for users, administrators and managers. This training is geared specifically to the needs of the client based on their individual setup, and can be modified as the deployment matures.

Software, customization and training are only as valuable as the outputs they create. Crafting these into accurate reports and dashboards is integral to your success. With that in mind, we work side-by-side with you to generate relevant information to keep you on top of your sales and marketing game.

At Wintec we believe that “Excellence In = Excellence Out”, and that your contact data is one of your most precious resources. Therefore we work with our clients to import and update data in a way that limits duplication and maximizes the potential for generating revenue.

maximizer application specialists

Personal Technical Support

We know our clients are busy and focused on making money, and can’t afford to have systems down. At Wintec Group we provide live, personal, and professional support to our clients. We believe that knowing our clients’ specific needs and the particulars of their individual setup enables us to provide excellent, responsive, and efficient service. We establish life-long relationships with our clients, taking meticulous notes on the history of support, and making that data accessible to our internal support team. For the best Maximizer application specialists, contact the Wintec Group.


Resources & Thinktank

We develop long-term relationships with our clients. They stay with us because we become an extension of their organization, and a contributor to the growth and success of the business. It is our objective to maintain these relationships by sharing knowledge of best practices, and proactively expanding the impact of the platform as we grow together.

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