Business Intelligence

Insights helps businesses visualize data, make decisions and take action faster than any other CRM. It gives you both the big picture as well as the little details right at your fingertips so you’ll always know what to focus on. Use the unique "Click Through" feature to jump directly to the detailed CRM record. You no longer need to export data, import into spreadsheets, and manually build charts to provide excellent reporting to your team and executives.

rapid response

Improve Your Marketing Intelligence

Generate fresh marketing insights to optimize your lead generation.

Visualize Data

Quickly and easily create reports in dashboards with point and click. Use the pre-built templates to save time.  Once configured, the user can adjust parameters on the fly to create new view of the same indicator.


Insight’s drill down feature allows you to go from the big picture to the smallest of details easily and seamlessly.  Start at a high level and dig into the specifics only when it is warranted.

Dynamic Dashboards

CRM users are familiar with static dashboards. Maximizer’s unique dynamic dashboards allow users to toggle data on and off as needed or you may choose to hover over legends to visualize and filter the data that’s important.

Goal Tracking

Dashboards rapidly switch between team view and individual view so you can set goals and effectively have coaching conversations with your team.  While goal tracking is often considered an executive role, successful teams implement indicators for the sales team also.  This way the users and the managers are sharing the same goals and working toward the same objectives.

Limitless Insights

Just like your business potential, the Maximizer CRM Insights widgets and dashboards are unlimited. Copy and build as many elements as you need.

Click Through

Direct access to the full CRM records right from the dashboard charts.  While drill down lets you see the raw data that drives the indicators, the click through allows users to see the actual records within the CRM.  This links their daily activity with their goals and results.

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