low cost quoting


low cost quoting

Businesses generate quotes in many ways – simple documents, spreadsheets or even PDFs, but often this becomes cumbersome and difficult to scale up. QuoteWorks professional, low cost quoting solutions offer utilities that make it easier to generate quotes quickly, easily and more accurately. Furthermore, users are better able to track progress on outstanding business with tight integration to CRM solutions like Maximizer.

What brings you here?

Companies find many ways to document offers to clients and prospects. Often one might start with a simple ad-hoc approach but find that some staff are less disciplined about delivering a professional quote than others. The result is that quotes can contain inaccuracies, can look bad and reflect poorly on the organization.

For growing a business, sometimes the sheer volume of quotes is slowing down the sales process. When staff takes too much time to look up pricing and part numbers, it may be time for a system to help handle the load.

If you sell from a large product list or multiple product lists, managing the items has to be centralized. This allows control over price changes, oversight of new or recently eliminated part numbers and gives management a single item list to share with the sales team.

Finally, it may be time to represent your brand more professionally both in the look and feel of the quote document and the associated services like portals for sign or online payment.

If you are looking to improve in any of these areas, you should probably consider a quoting solution like QuoteWerks.

low cost quoting solution

Need a low cost quoting solution? Try QuoteWerks

It is easy to configure and easy to use.

It includes a broad toolset to address many challenges that arise from complicated product configuration, high volume quoting, plus a need for standardization and personalization of the documents.

You have access to live personalized support.

The application is available in desktop and web based interfaces.

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